Thursday, August 9, 2012


What's your preference?

Uji wa dimu na pilipili manga

Chai ya Maziwa iliokolea viungo

Sijui hii mila ya kunywa uji ulianzia wapi, since mahindi ni zao geni kwa sisi wa Tanzania. Yes Ugali was never invented by us, Maize was introduced to us by the Mzungu. But as long as I can remember Uji has been a traditional starter meal during Ramadhan. The saying goes, you need to start the stomach with something warm, which translated to blah blah and blah to me. I remember during my boarding school days, they will give us Uji and dates. I ate the dates and gave away my Uji of cause, to the next eagerly awaiting uji lover. Peeps started seeking me out for it, since they knew I never liked the stuff. So there I said it, I prefer my nice cuppa tea over Uji. Nothing against the uji, for the uji lovers out there, it is delicious, just not my preference. You?