Friday, March 29, 2013

Jengo laporomoka Dar Mjini

Jamani Ijumaa ndio imeanza hivi. Jengo laporomoka mjini mtaa wa Indira gandhi pembeni na msikiti wa ma Shia. Inasemakana mpaka sasa watu wawili wamefariki na wengine wamejeruhiwa, jengo lilikuwa halija maliziwa kujengwa.

Project ilikuwa Joint venture ya NHC. Hao Lucky Construction na SOU consult na ma engineers wao wote bomu. They got some explaining to do.
Duh! Hali Inatisha
Yaani, jengo liliziba barabara. Hii ni hatari sana.

Kwakweli hizi habari ni nzito. Je hili jengo lingekuja kuanguka wakati limeshafunguliwa? Wanaitaji kuchunguza, material walizotumia kujengea hili jengo, na kucheki supplies zote na suppliers wao. Kisha wapitia majengo yote mapya yaliyo jengwa kutumia hivi vifaa vya hawa suppliers, zote ziwe inspected upya.
Inna lilahi waina illahi raj'iun. Kwa Mwenyezi Mungu ndio tunapotoka na ndio marejeo.Mwenyezi mungu awalaze waliotangulia mahali pema peponi. 
Picha nimetoa kwa Othman Michuzi.

Japan Mobile Library

Serviced by bigger city libraries for small towns that don't have public libraries. It doesn't take much to have a library people.
Maktaba inapita miji midogo mara moja kwa wiki. Mteja akibadilisha kitabu.
Unapewa na stuli kabisaa kama hufikii kitabu.

I am inspired,aren't you? Ni mfano wa kuigwa, get ideas people.
Kuelimisha Jamii kwa kwenda mbele. Habari ndio hiyo!
Ijumaa Njema wadau!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rais Kikwete azindua jengo la kitivo cha sayansi chuo kikuu cha kiislamu cha morogoro

The Muslim University of Morogoro is growing, taratibu tutafika. It has recently added a faculty of Science for their Bachelors of Science in Education. YEY!!!!!!
Below are pictures I nabbed from Ikulu Blog that show President Kikwete's visit for the opening of the Faculty of Science at the University.

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akihutubia katika sherehe za uzinduzi wa jengo la Kitivo cha Sayansi katika Chuo Kikuu cha Kiislamu mjini Morogoro leo

 Rais Kikwete akiendelea na hotuba huku akishangiliwa

Mkuu wa Chuo Kikuu cha Kiislamu Morogoro Mama Mwantumu Malale akiongea machache na kumkaribisha Rais Kikwete

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete katika picha ya pamoja na uongozi wa chuo katika sherehe za uzinduzi wa jengo la Kitivo cha Sayansi katika Chuo Kikuu cha Kiislamu mjini Morogoro leo

Our Next Generation of Scholars in all sectors. Mashallah!

 Picha na viongozi wa wanafunzi 
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akizindua jengo la Kitivo cha Sayansi katika Chuo Kikuu cha Kiislamu mjini Morogoro leo
  A tour on one of the labs!

Department of Information and Communication Technologies coming soon!

 Makamu Mkuu wa Chuo Profesa Hamza Mustafa Njozi akisoma ripoti  ya chuo kwa Rais Kikwete 

Morogoro Mji kasoro bahari Mpo Juu!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Open Education: Take Back The Curriculum

Interesting Read,  We so need this in Africa. The article was written by David Carr from Information week.

Education technology consultant Karen Fasimpaur sounds like a revolutionary when she gets fired up talking about the potential of open educational resources (OER), the textbooks and other educational tools made available as free downloads or interactive Web experiences.
"We have an opportunity to take back the curriculum!" she told educators at last week's SXSWedu event. "What if we took the $5 billion annually spent on textbooks and invested that in teachers and their work?"
The revolution might not be that total, but it is happening. Fasimpaur, the principal of the education technology consulting firm K12 Handhelds, was talking mostly about OER applied to K-12. However, open resources are just as much of a force in higher education and are one of the underpinnings of massive open online courses (MOOCs).
As with open-source software, there can be legitimate questions of whether you get what you pay for when you pay nothing for the products of the OER movement. The first instinct of the commercial publishers of textbooks and other educational materials has been to dismiss OER products as low quality, but even they are having to change their tune. With philanthropic organizations dedicated to lowering the cost of education providing funding, several non-profit organizations are now providing the peer review and editorial resources necessary for academic respectability. These include Rice University's OpenStax College andCK-12 Foundation for primary education, both of which release materials under a Creative Commons license that lets the materials be freely downloaded and remixed as needed to meet the needs of a particular class.Khan Academy videos also are published under Creative Commons, although under a variant that restricts commercial use.
Open education is very much in the air this week -- which happens to be Open Education Week. On Monday, Wiley announced a partnership with OpenStax to create a college biology product that combines OpenStax textbook materials with Wiley's interactive learning tools. The recently announced Amplify Tabletfor K-12 schools also comes pre-loaded with a generous helping of OER materials, including CK12's FlexBooks and Khan Academy videos.
Fasimpaur thinks the current curriculum shakeup caused by the Common Core State Standards Initiativepresents an opportunity "and we should seize it to do things differently."
"Districts all over the country right now are thinking about new curriculum and where to go next," Fasimpaur said. Her fear is that educators will settle on a new set of traditional, proprietary textbooks aligned with the new curriculum standards, "and will go about doing business as usual."
Fasimpaur also made a connection to the maker movement, saying instruction can go beyond the textbook to creating things with Legos, or wood, or storytelling. "When we create, hack, and play, whether digital things or real, we're learning about creating, not just consuming things," she said. Used properly, these instructional tactics can lead to "deeper learning in 21st century skills like collaborating and creating."
"As teachers, we can also make things -- we can create powerful learning experiences, and I think we can make things that are better than what has been purchased in the past," Fasimpaur said.
In higher education, OER owes a lot to the pioneering work of MIT, which introduced its MIT OpenCourseWare website in 2002 and by 2007 put its entire curriculum online, free of charge.
David Harris, editor-in-chief for OpenStax College and a related Rice University OER resource, the modular learning resource libraryConnexions, sees a transition to "OER 2.0."
Two major sources of funding for OpenStax and many other OER products are the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which coined the term "open educational resources" in a 2002 report, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other philanthropic partners for OpenStax College include the Twenty Million Minds Foundation and the Maxwell Foundation.
"In OER 1.0, you had early adopters who were willing to put up with a lot of pain," Harris said. "The material may not be vetted and may not be high quality. For OER 2.0, you want something more like a mainstream model." That means making OER materials easier to find and more convenient to work with for instructors who are not necessarily techies. Also, where the authors of OER 1.0 materials were typically volunteers, Harris said OER 2.0 drives up quality standards by finding the money to pay authors and reviewers -- albeit under a non-profit model that supports the release of the content under an open license.
This philanthropic slant doesn't stop OpenStax from forming commercial partnerships. Although Wiley is the first commercial textbook partner, OpenStax College also has worked with, which distributes paper versions of the textbooks (about $75 including shipping for College Physics), or produces $4.99 iBook editions for students who want the downloadable text optimized to read on an iPad.
The Web page for the OpenStax College Physics textbook also points students and their professors to commercially produced interactive study materials from Sapling Learning and The Expert TA. Sapling Learning CEO James Caras said his firm can also play something like the role that Red Hat does for Linux, the open-source operating system. "We can take care of some of the things that are difficult for non-profits to do," he said. "We're in right next to publisher's sales reps talking to faculty about OpenStax."
The partnership allows OpenStax College to focus on developing its textbooks while "Sapling can be maniacal about providing the best problem solving practice," Caras said. Sapling also provides support and training resources for the effective use of OER materials, he said.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

China fishes almost 6000 dead pigs from Huangpu river

Just to add to the article below, Huangpu river is located in Shanghai, the river is used as a major drinking source. The rest utajaza mwenyewe.I nabbed the article from BBC and the images from ChinaSmack.

workers Fishing out dead pigs

Officials say the number of pig carcasses found in Shanghai's Huangpu River has risen to nearly 6,000.
In a statement, Shanghai authorities said that 5,916 dead pigs had been removed from the river by Tuesday.
But it said water from the river was safe, with water quality meeting government-set standards.
It is believed that the pigs may have come from Jiaxing in the neighbouring Zhejiang province, although the cause of their deaths is still not clear.
In a statement, the Shanghai municipal government said that the water in Huangpu River, which is a major source of drinking water for Shanghai, was safe. It also said that no diseased pork had been detected in markets.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

For the all the mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day akina Mama. Allah knows your struggle and looks out for you, as your job is not easy AT ALL.


Jamani Scholarships hizo za Serikali, wale wana sayansia mambo si ndo haya. Msemo ni ule ule, kama kuna mtu unayemjua ambaye, habari itamfaa, mpelekee fasta tafadhali. Good luck people.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare invite applications for sponsorship from candidates intending to pursue Postgraduate courses in various health specialties for academic year 2013/14.

-   Should be a Tanzanian citizen.
-   Should have an admission letter for academic year 2013/14 from a recognized university (attachment).
-  Must be working in Government/Faith Based Organization institutions preferably in regional and districts health facilities.
-    Should have a working experience of three years or more (by May 2013), excluding the period of internship and last sponsorship.
-    There should be  a relevance of the course applied for to the current  post
-  Should have a valid permanent professional registration with the relevant Council (attachment).
-     Preference will be  given to locally available courses and rare specialties
-     For MPH programme, the applicant should possess an organizational leadership role in the health sector such as RMO, DMO, Programme leader or RHMT/CHMT member.
-   The application must be approved by the supervisors/or in charge of the applicant

 Application letter with the relevant attachments (Including internship certificate where applicable) should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary not later than 31th July 2013 using the following address:
Permanent Secretary,
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare,
P.O. Box 9083,
Dar es Salaam.

This application notice is also available on Ministry of Health and Social Welfare website

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kenya has chosen a President

It started with the Presidential Candidates...
Paul Muite (Safina)
Musalia Mudavadi (UDF)
Peter Kenneth (KNC)
James ole Kiyiapi (RBK)
Martha Karua(NARC-Kenya)
Mohammed Abduba Dida (ARC)
Raila Odinga (ODC)
Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA)

Then Came the Debate.....

Oooh Ooh! will we also have one in 2015?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sutra ya Mwenye Kuswali

Mawaidha ya Leo yanatoka kwa Marehemu Sheikh Nassor Bachu.

Part 1

Part 2.
Habari ndio hiyo. Ijumaa njema wadau na Happy Women's day wadau.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez Afariki Dunia

Hugo Rafael Chavez, raisi wa Venezuela aliyezaliwa Julai 28, 1954, afariki dunia Leo Marchi 5, 2013.  Alikuwa Raisi wa Venezuela toka mwaka 1999 mpaka kufa kwake. Habari ni kwamba alikuwa na cancer, na ameshafanyiwa operation nne toka Juni 2011 nchini Cuba. Februari 18, alirudi Venezuela, na alikuwa anaendelea na matibabu kwenye hospitali ya kijeshi mpaka kufa kwake. Ameacha watoto wanne.
Hugo Chavez 1954-2013
The video below was his interview with Barbara Walters for abc Television. 

Jamani Kuwa Raisi si mchezo, ni very stressful. Kwa Mwenyezi Mungu ndio tunapotoka, na ndio marejeo. Mwenyezi Mungu Ampumzishe marehemu.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Qaswida kutoka Misri Leo

Qaswida ya leo imetoka kwa marehemu Fatima Ibrahim, almaaruf Umm Kulthum au Oum Kalthoum kutoka Misri. This Qaswida always reminds me of Ramadhan, May Allah preserve her, she did a wonderful job on it. Read the rest of her biography that I nabbed from
Fatima Ibrahim (1904-1975)
Something to take note of how she was buried. Her fans passed her body from person to person for the three-hour-long journey to the mosque of al-Sayyid Husayn.

Born in the rural village of Tammy al-Zahayrah, Kulthum was raised in very humble conditions. Much of her love of music was inherited from her father, who supplemented his income as an imam at a local mosque by singing religious songs at weddings. Overhearing her father teaching songs to her older brother, she memorized the tunes and sang them herself. Her father was so impressed that he began to include her in his singing. Kulthum's obvious talents led her family to relocate to Cairo, the entertainment center of Egypt. In 1923, she came under the wing of a musical mashayaikh who assisted her in securing gigs and helping her to meet theatrical agents. Famed composer and singer, Al-Shaykh Abu al-Ila Muhammed, became her chief mentor and teacher.