Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Yes We have landed in Mars. Man's fear of the unknown has made him so insecure that he won't sit tight and cultivate earth Nooo, its just not in our nature. We are a curious creature that we need to know what we don't know. We still want to know where are we really from and is there life out there besides ours? Nasa sent a rover to Mars and called it Curiosity.

The rover landed safely after a complicated landing.  What is its Mission? To search for extraterrestrial life and why Mars turned from a wet planted into a dry and cold one. So now one wonders, if the building blocks of alien life form is found, what can man do with that information? Would we try to communicate with it? Really? You tend to wonder sometimes what our motives are. We watch a lot of Steven Spielberg movies that put a lot of ideas in our heads of alien life forms, at the same time, there is that fear of opening a Pandora's box. What if, what we find should have been left WELL ALONE? Are we our own source of destruction? Or am I simply reading to much into this? Personally, I am just as curious as everyone else and a little excited. As a Muslim though, all these questions have been answered for me, but as a student of science I am definitely curious of their findings and how this research ends.

Here you go, The NASA Images of Mars reported by the Curiosity rover
Did I mention I was a science Freek?


  1. Americans will soon all move to mars and leave earth, too curious

  2. True you have companies like MarsOne that promise to take humanity to Mars by 2023 to establish a permanent settlement. How one would want to give up our lush green forests and large bodies of water, for a red dust filled planet, is beyond me.

  3. Man is a Cosmic being...fell to Earth upon high..