Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Tasbih Prayer

Do you know what the Tasbih Prayer is? I didn't until recently, and when I asked around about it, it seemed a lot of folks didn't either. So what is it? I mean we know when someone does the tasbih after prayer, you know your alhamdu's, astaghfiru's , etc. But now there is a prayer for it? Turns out yes.

Prophet Mohammed(S.A.W) once told his uncle; "O my uncle! Shall I not give you a gift? Shall I not show you something by means of which Allah Ta' ala will forgive your sins, the first and the last of them, the past and the recent, the unintentional and the intentional, the small and huge, the secret and open?" 

The prophet then taught him the Tasbih prayer. He then advised him to offer it daily if possible, and if not then every Friday or once a month or once a year or at least once in one's life time. This prayer is offered in four Rakkas, and in each Rakka you will recite the Tasbih as follows;

 "Subhana Allah Wal Hamdullilahi Wa laa illaha ila llahu Wallahu Akbar". 

The Goal is to recite it 300 times in four Rakka's. So You say it 15 times after you say your Surah Al-Fatiha and a surah, then 10 times at Ruku,  10 times after coming out of Ruku, 10 times during sajdas. Basically, for every position you change, after you say your normal Tasbihs there, then you say this Tasbih.

I leave you with a beautiful Tasbih recitation. Enjoy!

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