Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free College Education in Malaysia

 Another freebie people, this one from the government of Malaysia to all the international Graduate students.
(Picture from primetravels)
Beautiful! Isn't it?

Checklist for eligibility:
1. Cannot be over 45 years of age.
2. Must have graduated with a Second class upper on your Bachelors.
3.Have a minimum TOEFL Test score of 580 that is not older then two years.
4.Have a physical done by your doctor.
5.Write a proposal that is relevant to the needs and interest of Malaysians.( I suggest pick a topic you are interested in pursuing further in grad school, research its relevance in Malaysia and write a paper on it. There are no page number requirements, so this seems like it can be a one to two pager.)
6.Have an acceptance letter from a University in Malaysia ( I suggest pick the Harvard of Malaysia if you can).

They pay for everything, including your air ticket there.
For more details visit the the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education directly by Clicking this link. Good Luck guys! 

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