Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too Young?

How young should you start to train your kids to start practicing the Islamic rituals? Wait a minute Islam has Rituals? Yes I said Rituals that is; Fasting, reading/memorizing the Qur'an, Praying five times a day, giving to the less fortunate, loving the prophets and the most important of all Loving Allah and trusting in him. Thus the word Islam Meaning Submission, Submitting yourself to the will of God.

So how young is too young? Well most Muslims like the age seven. Mainly because there is a hadith that the prophet said to teach your children the prayer when they are seven.Well, some people Mashallah, have started to train their kids even earlier than seven. Simply because kids at a younger age, tend to imitate what parents do, and this is where you want to come in and make it a habit. Now if you don't have time to teach them, we have so many Muslim scholars now a days Mashallah, please put them to work and have them earn some extra money, as we all know our scholars are the least paid in this society today.

The picture above is of a 6 year old named Fatema with her brother who is 4 and they were visiting an orphanage in Kibaha, Tanzania. She has memorized some surahs, has fasted ramadhan and her 4 year old brother has fasted also and has memorized one surah. Mashallah! 

This is Fatema's Brother. Mashallah!

Its doable people, this 4 year old just beat many adults who can't even read Al Fatiha. Please visit Fatema's site at Just Giving Fatema-Chandoo (Click the link) for her full story and donate to her charity of choice.

Remember parents have an obligation to teach their kids and not leave it to society. I leave you with this quote from the Quran. O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is man and stones. (Quran Chapter 66: 6)

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