Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bye Bye Cheetos!

Today I say my goodbyes with deep sorrow to Mr.Cheetos (Sob! Sob!), as you can see the Flamin' Hot Cheese flavored baked one is my favorite. Ever looked at the ingredients on the back of the package? Well, here is what I got from their site, I circled one ingredient in red there, see it?

Yup! Enzymes, its the ingredient they add to their cheese powder to give it that yummy flavor. Ever wonder what type of enzymes they are? Well, let me just copy and paste a statement from their website.

  • Most enzymes are proteins which cause certain biochemical reactions. For example, enzymes are added to milk during the cheese-making process to separate the solids (curds) from the liquid (whey) and give cheese its unique flavor. Enzymes may be sourced from animals, such as cows or pigs, or microbial such as the type added to yogurt to make it thick. 

    The enzymes used in the cheese making process for some of the cheese seasoning used in Frito-Lay products may come from an animal source. For those individuals looking to avoid all animal enzymes, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain enzymes from animal sources. 

    For those individuals looking to avoid cheese seasonings that use enzymes from a porcine source (This is pork by the way), Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain porcine enzymes.

Now to just so we are clear, not all their snacks are made from Pork Enzymes or Non Halal Cows Enzymes, they do have a list of vegetarian, Kosher and other special dietary needs list, with plenty of alternative snacks to choose from. I suggest you stick to the Kosher, vegetarian and the msg free list just to be safe. Oh and this only applies to the US made products, if your package does not say made in the US, then you might need to check their website to verify.
The same applies to the Doritos Snacks.To get the full list of snacks safe for you to eat, go to their website here....
Good Luck!

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