Monday, December 16, 2013

Nelson Mandela State Funeral Tribute by President Jakaya Kikwete Tanzania

President Kikwete's Speech on Nelson Mandela's Funeral. I remember watching the First Nelson Mandela movie, not the new one with Idris Elba, but the original one with Danny Glover as Mandela and Alfre Woodard as Winnie. The whole Family was gathered to watch it. The movie came out at a time when Mandela was still in Jail, however, our parents thought that it was important that we knew his story and his struggles. His journey in life was definitely a tough one, but God kept him long enough to see the fruits of his struggle.I am glad at the end, he got to just live his life like the rest of the worry free folks, and just be. In the Quran there is a verse that says, "With every Hardship comes Ease".

Bye Bye Nelson Mandela, May your soul rest in peace.

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