Sunday, November 10, 2013

Solar Tyre Oven for under $5 - How to make a cheap solar cooker - Tire Oven

One of the many problems we have in Africa is deforestation. How? We simply need wood to fuel everything, especially the villages, cooking, heating water etc. Women are usually left with the burden of having to go and hunt for this fuel. So in order to keep with the times and try to go green so as to preserve our planet and of cause to ease on the labor work for the women. I found a little educational video from our brother Moses in Uganda, showing us how to build our own solar oven, from; get this, an old worn out tire, some newspapers, foil paper, glass cover and some tape. Top this off with the Power of the Sun and viola it's magic.

Now getting foil paper, glass and tape might be a problem for folks in the village. Also, some folks might not be into the do it your self bandwagon, so below is a more, factory properly designed and made for a little more mula, but better quality solar stove.

I love it when we use our brain as it was designed to function. Hey! we are slow as hell, but we are getting there. 

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