Monday, November 11, 2013

For the Love of Water

Water is an essential element for the survival of mankind.This documentary explores water like never before, it talks about how the big corporations exploit this natural resource by trying to profit from it.Personally, I like the part where a village in India harvest water and turn their dessert village into a green lush farm land. Sometimes, the people have their own solutions, they just need a little funding and help to make it happen. The video is long, so prepare yourself, but if you haven't watched it, please do, it is a must see for all.

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Rainwater harvesting is such a cheap alternative to huge damns, that even communities can do it themselves. Its such a simple process of capturing, accumulating and storing rain water into large pits for future use. Why aren't we all doing it? It will solve so many of our problems and also lower that water bill huh? As I said before we are getting there.

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