Monday, November 25, 2013

Africa's First Underwater Hotel Room

Yup! If you are brave enough to sleep with the fishes, this hotel is for you. The Manta Resort, is located in one of the Islands of Tanzania called Pemba. The room goes for $ 1,500 per night or $750 per person sharing per night. Hey you only live once.

The hotel room is located 250m offshore, it has a deck on the top, a bathroom and living area at sea level and a bedroom in the lower level(underwater).

Look at that Sunset.

ooh lalaa! Talk about being inside the Aquarium, instead its the other way round.

Okay so here is what I would recommend. Start your Tanzania Trip by sleeping amidst the wild animals at the worlds best voted hotel Singita, then dust off that safari dust with the cool waters of the Islands in the underwater hotel room. Yes? No?

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