Friday, February 8, 2013

TechWomen: Professional Mentorship and Exchange Program – 2013 Application Deadline February 22!

A program to nurture and encourage our women sceintists?Say what? In the words of the late Sharo Milionea, Oh Mah Mah! This was forwarded to me, so many thanks to the sender as this is fantabulous.I am posting for you all, check their site for further details, but it seems their biggest two requirements are a University degree and 2 years of experience. Now if this does not apply to you, but you know someone who qualifies, please forward it to them, lets keep this spirit of kuinua jamii going people.

About TechWomen

TechWomen is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). The Department of State is partnering with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to implement this program. Please contact us by email at with any questions you may have.

Harnessing the power of business, technology and innovation, TechWomen brings emerging women leaders in technology sectors from the Middle East and Africa together with their counterparts for a professional mentorship and exchange program at leading companies in the United States.

Launched by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2011, TechWomen builds on her vision of “smart power diplomacy” embracing the full range of diplomatic tools, including technology, to bring people together for greater understanding and to empower women and girls worldwide.

The TechWomen program will identify approximately 80 women who are emerging leaders and entrepreneurs working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) from the Middle East & Africa for a five-week program in the fall of 2013, including mentorships and professional exchanges at leading companies in Silicon Valley, California, concluding with workshops, networking events and meetings in Washington, D.C.

For more information and eligibility requirements please visit: The application deadline is February 22nd, 2013.

Applicants from the following countries are invited to apply: Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, the Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunisia, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Habari ndio hiyo. I leave you with this quote from the Quran Chapter 2 verse 273 (The Cow).
(Charity is) for those in need, who, in Allah's cause are restricted (from travel), and cannot move about in the land, seeking (For trade or work): the ignorant man thinks, because of their modesty, that they are free from want. Thou shalt know them by their (Unfailing) mark: They beg not importunately from all the sundry. And whatever of good ye give, be assured Allah knoweth it well. 

Sadaka ni kwa mafakiri walio zuilika katika njia za Mwenyezi Mungu, wasio weza kusafiri katika nchi kutafuta riziki. Asiye wajua hali zao huwadhania kuwa ni matajiri kwa sababu ya kujizuia kwao. Utawatambua kwa alama zao; hawang'ang'anii watu kwa kuwaomba. Na kheri yoyote mnayo toa, basi kwa yakini Mwenyezi Mungu anaijua.

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