Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meteor Blast in Russia

I recently posted a NASA Video of the big Meteorite Flying over too close to earth. Now we had a meteorite that actually landed on earth, with 1000 people injured. My thoughts? If Yajuj and Majuj were buried in the vicinity, and if they are not out yet, who knows maybe that was there barrier being taken down. Weren't we told that they will be coming from the east? Anywho, don't quote me on it, just my random thoughts, I am so hoping my speculations are so wrong.

Now enough of my speculations and back to the real world, how helpless are we that we can't detect a big rock coming and send some kind of warning for people to prepare for impact? I mean luckily it fell in the middle of nowhere, but what if it fell in a major populated area? And this is not just any country, its RUSSIA where they even have an eye in orbit. We really think we know it all, Allah just sent us a message loud and clear that our vision is limited to what he allows us to see. 

Below is a video I found on youtube from Skynews explaining the impact. You can watch the NASA video of the one passing over the Indian Ocean on 2/15/2013 from my previous post. Get your binoculars ready if you are in the area, you might just see it.

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