Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surah of the day - Al-Kahf (The Cave [ Pango])

This Surah is found in Chapter 18 of the holy Quran.  It is a very important Surah, because it tells a story of the people of the cave. Their were a few young people that lived in a community where monotheist were being persecuted, so they escaped and took refuge in a cave. Allah put them to sleep for 309 years and awoke them after that long of a time. Subhana Allah! Can you imagine, how the world had changed when they woke up. No one knows exactly how many they were, but we do know that they had their dog with them.

This chapter continues on and talks about the end of days and Yajuj Majuj(Gog and Magog) and the great traveler Dhul Qarnain, who we are told in the Quran was responsible for building a barrier to enclose the Kingdom of Gog and Magog. There is also a story of Prophet Moses(A.S) and another servant of God, who Moses followed more out of curiosity to learn from him , because he was told by Allah, that there was another servant from God who was more knowledgeable then him.

Take the time to Listen, Read and process these very heavy words.

Prophet Mohammed(S.A.W) said, "Whoever reads the last 10 versus from Suratul Al-Kahf, he will be immune from the fitnah (corruption) of the Dajjal(Anti-Christ). (Sahih Muslim - Narrated by Abu Darda)

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