Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dozens Killed By Shots Fired At Pro-Morsi Gathering In Cairo

What's happening in Egypt after Morsi was overthrown. The Story below, I grabbed from NPR and video from the TheGuardian channel on youtube.

An already dangerous, volatile situation turned even deadlier early Monday in Cairo when dozens of people were killed at a protest outside the Republican Guard facility where it's believed ousted President Mohammed Morsi is being held. Most of those who died are reported to have been among a large group of Morsi's supporters.
Update at 5:45 p.m. ET. Date Set For Egypt's Election
Egypt will hold parliamentary elections by February, says interim president Adly Mansour, with a presidential vote to follow.
Update at 4:35 p.m. ET. More Details From Cairo:
At least two police officers and one soldier were killed in Monday's violence, reports NPR's Leila Fadel from Cairo, for . Leila visited a sit-in organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, where she heard the same story from everyone, she says — that they were bowing their heads in prayer when the police and military opened fire.
"Of course I had to run, I had to run a lot," says Ahmed Abdul Aziz, a young sales manager who was carrying the belongings of one of the dead as he spoke.
"But witnesses in the area where the clashes occurred say it isn't that simple," Leila reports. "They say a crowd of Morsi supporters grew angry after their morning prayer. Some called for Jihad or holy struggle as they moved toward the building where Morsi is believed to be held. Then the tear gas began. And then the gunshots. Witnesses say they saw gunfire coming from both sides."
Leila also visited a makeshift Cairo medical clinic, which tended to wounded protesters.
"Many were shot in the back and head with birdshot," she says.

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