Wednesday, September 7, 2016

McDonalds Uses Pork in their Yogurt!

Yes you read it right, McDonalds uses pork in their Yogurt.
Every once in a while, I seem to have to address this issue with someone who doesn't know. Okay so Listen up and pay attention.  McDonalds uses an ingredient called Gelatin in their Yogurt product. Gelatin is a protein obtained from Pigs or Cows, and McDonalds makes no secret of using this ingredient, its even listed on their website. Now you may say, well how can you tell its not taken from Cows and not Pigs? Guess which animal is cheaper and more abundant? You are probably eating the pig, its more popular in western countries and cheaper. Chances are the cow protein is only used in middle eastern countries. So if you are not in these countries and happen to visit a McDonald's, just avoid anything with a yogurt base and that includes their delicious fruit smoothies. 
Happy Eating everyone!

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