Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mohammed Dewji

Mohammed Dewji one of Tanzania's Richest Man who was featured in Forbes Africa as one of the richest man in Africa has EARNED his Spot at Binti wa Kiislamu. He has pledged to donate half of his wealth to the poor, he has joined the likes of Sewa Haji. Read the story by clicking here, but now lets know the man and celebrate him.

Mohammed Dewji was born in Singida, Tanzania on the 8th of May 1975. He was the second child among 5 others. He graduated from Georgetown university with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and International Business in 1998 with a minor in theology. He is a businessman, politician, God Fearing and a philanthropist.

Mohammed joined the family business as a Chief Financial Controller of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzanian Limited (METL) in 1998. Shortly after, he became a major sponsor of the Simba Sports Club In Dar-Es-Salaam and the football team went far with his support. In 2003 he became the managing director of METL where he grew the company by expanding it into different sectors and in 2005 he became a member of parliament where he served for 10 years. In 2014 Mr.Dewji started the Mo Dewji Foundation which is dedicated to enrich the lives of Tanzanians and uplift them from poverty and hardship. He also joined the Board of Advisors of Georgetown University McDonough school of Business as a member in 2014. Mohammed Dewji is blessed with one wife and two children. 

Mohammed Dewji has surpassed on what is even required of him to give to the poor. Giving up half of your wealth is no small matter, he works hard for his money, he puts in 100 hours of work per week and him giving it up just like that? is commendable. He has a good heart, and what I say to you is focus on putting it to things that will live for decades to come if not forever. You are an inspiration to many and I hope that you inspire other rich men in Tanzania to follow suit.

May Allah bless you and your family with more and may he guide you to where he wants you to put it.

Bonyeza hapa upate habari yake kwa kiswahili. Na kusoma habari yake ya kujitolea nusu ya mali yake bonyeza hapa kwenye gazeti la Mwananchi.

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