Monday, October 14, 2013

JOURNEY TO MECCA HD - Story of a traveler Ibn Batutta.

Get to know the Moroccan traveler Ibn Batutta centuries later.

Yes he's been to Tanzania, I got the statement below from wiki on his travels to the swahili coast.

Ibn Battuta continued by ship south to the Swahili Coast, a region then known in Arabic as the Bilad al-Zanj ("Land of the Zanj"),[29] with an overnight stop at the island town of Mombasa.[30] Although relatively small at the time, Mombasa would become important in the following century.[31] After a journey along the coast, Ibn Battuta next arrived in the island town of Kilwa in present-day Tanzania,[32] which had become an important transit centre of the gold trade.[33] He described the city as "one of the most beautiful and well-constructed towns in the world".[34]
Ibn Battuta recorded his visit to the Kilwa Sultanate in 1330, and commented favorably on the humility and religion of its ruler, Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman, a descendant of the legendary Ali ibn al-Hassan Shirazi. He further wrote that the authority of the Sultan extended from Malindi in the north to Inhambane in the south and was particularly impressed by the planning of the city, believing it to be the reason for Kilwa's success along the coast. From this period date the construction of the Palace of Husuni Kubwa and a significant extension to the Great Mosque of Kilwa, which was made of Coral Stones and the largest Mosque of its kind. With a change in the monsoon winds, Ibn Battuta sailed back to Arabia, first to Oman and the Strait of Hormuz then on to Mecca for the hajj of 1330 (or 1332).

This was the largest mosque on the East African Coast.
The Great Mosque of Kilwa in Tanzania

Its amazing the strides ancient people took to travel in search for knowledge. Be inspired!

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