Sunday, March 10, 2013


Jamani Scholarships hizo za Serikali, wale wana sayansia mambo si ndo haya. Msemo ni ule ule, kama kuna mtu unayemjua ambaye, habari itamfaa, mpelekee fasta tafadhali. Good luck people.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare invite applications for sponsorship from candidates intending to pursue Postgraduate courses in various health specialties for academic year 2013/14.

-   Should be a Tanzanian citizen.
-   Should have an admission letter for academic year 2013/14 from a recognized university (attachment).
-  Must be working in Government/Faith Based Organization institutions preferably in regional and districts health facilities.
-    Should have a working experience of three years or more (by May 2013), excluding the period of internship and last sponsorship.
-    There should be  a relevance of the course applied for to the current  post
-  Should have a valid permanent professional registration with the relevant Council (attachment).
-     Preference will be  given to locally available courses and rare specialties
-     For MPH programme, the applicant should possess an organizational leadership role in the health sector such as RMO, DMO, Programme leader or RHMT/CHMT member.
-   The application must be approved by the supervisors/or in charge of the applicant

 Application letter with the relevant attachments (Including internship certificate where applicable) should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary not later than 31th July 2013 using the following address:
Permanent Secretary,
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare,
P.O. Box 9083,
Dar es Salaam.

This application notice is also available on Ministry of Health and Social Welfare website

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