Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS)

Every year an Islamic conference known as Reviving the Islamic Spirit(RIS) is held during the winter season in Toronto, Canada. The conference usually consists of a series of lectures over three days, with distinguished speakers giving lectures based on the selected theme of the conference.

This year the conference started on Friday December 21st - Sunday December 23rd 2012. Below is a promotion video of the event.
Muslims from all over the world attend. It seems very Exciting, Fun and Educational. If next year you would like to attend, then go to the RIS website here, and purchase your tickets in advance, because apparently they run out. Its nice they get to do stuff like this that can get the youth involved as well, the name is very befitting. This is a brilliant idea and hopefully folks do come out of there with their spirits revived.


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