Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Binti Wa Kiislamu's top five events of 2012

5. Man Lands in Mars

You have to agree looking at our history of where we came from. From a group of hunters and gatherers, to building Cars, Airplanes and even Rockets that flew us to the Moon and back. We have come along way to landing a rover in Mars. In a period of just 100 years, we have invented everything from Airplanes, Rockets, Satellites, Flying Cars, Computers, Telephone,  iphones, iPads,manipulated the crop to be weather proof and everything else you can think of. For someone who is 100 years old today, they have seen it all, the best and worst of man.

4. Man falls from 23 miles or 39.034 meters above the earth.

This is bravery beyond its limit. I am just glad he lived through it, otherwise it would have been a horrible tragedy.

3. Saudi sends its first female Athlete(
Wojdan Shaherkani ) to the Olympics.

This goes on my list, the reason being she is not from any city in Saudi Arabia, but from Makkah, the heartland of Islam. We are totally supporting her, and in the future In Sha Allah, she will do so much better than this year.

2. A movie mocking the prophet was released on youtube and it caused riots in many parts of the Muslim world.

I saw this movie and truthfully I was upset too and believe you me, I don't get upset very easily. But we need to get better at handling our emotions and anger, there are other ways we could have handled this situation.

1. Yangtze River in China turns red.

This definitely goes on my top list. I mean how often does the 3rd longest river in the world turn red? Okay twice for China, but you gotta admit, it is quite interesting. 
Mmh! I am getting ideas, it seems water is the next business to invest in. Imported water anyone? 

Happy New Year Everyone! May Allah fill our homes with his peace and may he grant us his blessings in this world and in the hereafter In Sha Allah.

Source: China Photo Press, Abc World News, Ny times, The Guardian.

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