Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today I am soooo excited! I stumbled into this wonderful find. Free College Education! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, CHUO KIKUU CHA BUREEEEE!!!!!!.
Islamic Online University is offering FREE Diploma Programs and Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Islamic Studies in English. Jamani mkaambizane, this is a great opportunity kwa ma ustadhi wetu wapate credentials and education.I went in and looked at their curriculum and they are offering proper Islamic classes with proper electives besides the intensive Islamic classes like Accounting, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing, Mass Comm and etc. Yaani, the student will be getting a well rounded education for FREE. Lets be real people, you can't beat that. So spread the word, lets take advantage of this great opportunity.

Mambo yenyewe ndio kama haya hapo.

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