Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 4+ of Hajj 2012

After Day 3 and the Eid festivities are celebrated around the world. The pilgrims return to Makkah and perform seven turns around the Ka'aba and pray where prophet Ibrahim(AS) stood while building the Ka'aba. They then proceed to walk seven times between two small hills safa and marwa near the Ka'aba. This is in memory of Hajar, prophet Ibrahim's wife and Ismail's mother. The story goes that she ran seven times between the two hills searching for water, and a spring welled up in the desert for her, which is present until today, called the spring of ZamZam. The Pilgrims perform this ritual to experience a little bit of her tragedy, and they drink and carry water from this ancient spring home with them.

Safa and Marwa's location at the mosque (pics from

People performing the walk between the two small mountains. 

The government of Saudi Arabia, built a bigger mosque that encased the first mosque, and built an overhead to cover the distance between the two small hills.  Money well spent, Yes?

After that, the pilgrims make a visit to Madinah, if they haven't done so already. This is the city that provided refuge for prophet Mohammed when the Muslims where being killed in Makkah. It is where the prophet built his first mosque and it is where he was buried. The pilgrims visit the prophet's mosque, his grave and other historical sites in the city. Once their journey is complete, they return home with the title Al-Hajj for men and Al-Hajjah for women. 

I wish all our pilgrims a safe journey back to their homes and families, may Allah accept your prayers.

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