Wednesday, June 19, 2013


WHEN: Saturday JUNE 22, 2013
TIME: 10am TO 10pm
Guest Speakers: Yusuf Estes, Yasir Fazaga and few other great visitors coming to MN!

Minnesota Dawah Institute (MDI) is the first Islamic center which successfully held two Muslim Youth Conference in Minnesota on May 2010 and May 2011 which had an attendance of about 2500 Muslim youth. MDI wants to raise awareness of the different roles Muslim community members; intellectuals, scholars, and the youth in America especially the Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota. MDI plays a critical role in educating Islam to youth both Muslims and non-Muslims. MDI is youth oriented institution that wants to search for a durable and comprehensive education system which bridges between Islam and American culture in general. The Institute wants to promote an alternative academic and practical approach to the Muslim social and youth problems and by doing so, to encourage Muslim scholars and intellectuals to participate in the search of solution for all problems which Muslim youth facing in America. The institute will strive to promote greater participation in bridging between Islamic and American cultures.

The video below is of Sheikh Yusuf Estes one of the guest speakers for the event.

If you are in Minnesota go out and meet one of the sheikhs from PeaceTV and GuideusTV. If you are in one of the neighboring states, how about that road trip huh!

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